Response to “Sedation guidelines: a record of sedation scores is essential”

  • Jenna Louise Piercy University of Cape Town
  • James A Roelofse University of the Western Cape
Keywords: sedation scoring systems


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reply to Professor Coetzee’s letter. We appreciate constructive advice regarding the South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (SASA) adult guidelines for procedural sedation and analgesia.1 However, we disagree that the omission of subjective sedation scoring systems is a “glaring deficiency” or an “important flaw” as the author suggests. Neither do we agree that the sedation scoring systems are essential, although we believe that they are desirable.

Author Biographies

Jenna Louise Piercy, University of Cape Town
BSc(Hons); MBBS(Lond); FCA(SA); Cert Crit Care Senior Specialist, Department of anaesthesia, University of Cape Town
James A Roelofse, University of the Western Cape
MBChB, MMed (Anaes), PhD, Diplomate of the NDBA (USA) Professor and Head of Anaesthesia and Sedation, University of the Western Cape, Private Bag X1, Tygerberg 7505
Visiting Professor in Anaesthesiology, University College London, UK
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